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Western salt

Bokenäset's homely restaurant where the magnificent view adds flavor

This amazing place on earth is with us in everything we do, even in the restaurant named after the salty North Sea outside.

As far as possible, our menu is based on the season's organic and locally produced ingredients. All the fish we serve is MSC-labelled and all the meat comes from our nearest neighbour. With this as a starting point, we serve first-class breakfast, lunch and dinner in a pleasant environment that goes in salt-sprinkled blue-green tones, where brass accents shine with the glitter of the waves and wooden elements reminiscent of the Bohuslän forests.

Vi har öppet dagligen från torsdag v 26 – lördag v 32.
We always recommend table reservations as we can often be subscribed by larger closed groups, fully booked for everyday reasons or have closed on certain days to optimize our business - but everyone is always warmly and cordially welcome and we warmly accept your booking via +46(0)522-604400 or

Warm welcome!