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Active conference

Bring your employees, association members and friends to a memorable conference with us at Bokenäset. Fill the time with exciting and enjoyable activities and then meet in productive conversations and work-related meetings.

With our proximity to the sea and surrounding nature, the possibilities for activities are almost unlimited and we want you to remember the conference as a rewarding experience that led to positive changes, both for your own development and for the business. After a day filled with meetings, you can finish by taking the afternoon coffee as take away for fast-paced activities such as kayaking or mountain biking.

Destination Bokenäset is secluded and here you can focus wholeheartedly on meetings and activities without disturbing elements from outside. After an active day, you can then relax in our popular sea sauna and then in our Restaurant Västersalt, where we serve good dinners with a fantastic view of the sea that further refines the dining experience.

We have 16 meeting rooms and conference rooms that can be designed and adapted to your wishes and expectations for the conference. Your stay here will be a wonderful adventure where we will do everything for you to enjoy yourself in the best possible way and we are convinced that you can get what you want from the conference with us at Bokenäset.

General information about the package

This package can be booked during the period March – October

  • Living in an apartment by the sea
  • Breakfast buffet in Västersalt
  • Conference room adapted to the group
  • Fresh fruit, coffee and water next to the premises throughout the day
  • Arrival coffee in Miss Esters Skafferi
  • Lunch in restaurant Västersalt with salad buffet, main course, coffee & cake
  • Healthy coffee in Miss Ester's pantry or take away in connection with an activity
  • Activity; kayaking or mountain biking
    Max 12 people for an activity, otherwise the participants are mixed between kayak and mountain bike
  • 2-course menu in restaurant Västersalt incl. coffee
  • Sea sauna and sea bath

Bokenäset's conference package

Our Active conference package means a moment of fast-paced team building mixed with productive meetings. The active conference focuses on healthier coffee and movement for the smaller group. In this package, there is time for, among other things, kayaking or mountain biking, sea sauna and enough coffee breaks for everyone to drink the amount of coffee that may be needed for a successful conference.

Welcome to contact us at Bokenäset to hear more about how we can ensure a successful and active conference and how you yourself can design the stay according to your wishes!

Conferences according to your needs

When many people stay in the same premises, cleanliness and good hygiene are especially important. We are meticulous about disinfecting all public surfaces and toilets to minimize the risks of spreading infection.

Our premises are spacious and you do not have to crowd and have chosen plate service in our restaurant instead of a buffet. Our apartments are individual so that you can sleep in peace and have a place to yourself if needed. All people are different and some need more personal time to cope with the social pressures that an intense meeting day can entail. We are fully aware of this, and therefore we have prioritized the possibilities of being able to withdraw and reflect undisturbed when desired.

Bokenäset is perfect for those of you who wish to hold a conference away from civilization and with individual adaptation so that everyone involved can enjoy themselves.