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Privacy Policy

What information do we store?

We store personal data such as name, e-mail, telephone number and address in connection with the purchase or booking of our products and services. In certain contexts, we also store other personal information such as e.g. requests for special diets, allergies, medical conditions or medication. This is with the aim of being able to inform our staff internally in various departments to be able to meet your expectations. 

If you contact us using one of the contact forms on this website, we save the personal data you enter in the form to be able to follow up on the matter and get back to you. 

Here you can read more about the new law GDPR, which came into force on 25 May 2018, and which then replaced PUL. 

Purpose of the collection?

If you have at any time registered an interest in receiving newsletters from us, we use your personal data in order to keep you up to date on packages, offers and events.
In other contexts, we use your contact details to be able to keep in touch with you and your party before, during and after the stay. 

How do you access the stored information?

If you want to access your stored information, you can email us at 

So do you delete or correct information?

If you want to delete or correct your information, you can email us at 

This is how you limit the use of information or withdraw your consent

If you want to restrict use or withdraw your consent, you can email us at 

Period the data is stored

We store personal data for up to 4 years according to our privacy policy

Contact information for the person in charge of personal data

Tomas Eriksson

Responsible company that receives the personal data:

Bokenäs Hotell & Konferens AB
Organization number: 559084-6555