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Spa & Relax

Our SPA and relaxation department has everything for a relaxing recovery on your own. Read more about our Day spa and Spa with accommodation as well as about ours Activities or contact us at 0522-60 44 00

Right now we are looking for new lovely colleagues for our team to perform SPA treatments, if you or someone you know is interested, please contact us!

100 years of bodily luxury and mental recovery, an oasis that brings you closer to your true self

For generations, the archipelago has been a place of recovery and inspiration. The meditative calm of the waves, the salty air of the west coast and the lush nature of Bohuslän have proven to have a de-stressing effect on our senses.

After a long time in the sauna, you recharge your body full of new energy with a cold bath. When you then wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe and settle down in the lounge with a cup of tea or coffee, the feeling is almost festive.

The muscles soften and the soul breathes. There is a large sauna with a panoramic view, a floating sea sauna down by the jetty, 2 outdoor hot tubs on the terrace (38 degrees), an indoor relaxation pool (30 degrees), a gym and a relaxation lounge with a fireplace. In the bar you can order drinks and snacks.

Here at Bokenäset, pleasurable rest has always had a central place and nature embraces you with its presence.

Day spa

The day spa is usually available between Thursdays and Sundays, but please contact our booking team for days off. If you are a group, we can also have the opportunity to open up on weekdays, let's have a dialogue about what we can offer just you!

As a day spa, we offer both Morning Mys with breakfast & SPA, or Helglyx on Saturdays with SPA & lunch. Now during winter/Christmas we also offer a Christmas bath with a Christmas lunch

We put together the best stay in a magical place according to your wishes.

Spa with accommodation

Welcome to our unique concept of "Spa with accommodation", where relaxation and comfort meet in a harmonious fusion. With us, you get to experience the ultimate way to unwind in our luxurious spa facilities, while enjoying first-class accommodation.

After a day of rest and recovery, retreat to one of our comfortably furnished rooms, designed to create a sense of calm and tranquility. Our rooms offer a perfect balance between modernity and comfort, with state-of-the-art amenities and a decor that reflects the natural beauty of our surroundings.

In "Spa with accommodation" there is the opportunity to relax completely, regardless of whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a quiet moment for yourself. Our goal is for every guest to leave our hotel with renewed energy and a sense of total well-being. Experience the ultimate form of relaxation and comfort with us!

common questions

If you have booked one of our packages that include access to the spa & relaxation area, 1 kit with bathrobe and towel is included, waiting for you at the reception just in time for your spa stay.

Additional towels
If you lose your towel or if you drop it so it gets wet, you can of course exchange it for a new dry one at our reception, but we ask you to protect the environment with us and use the opportunity with common sense. We have a great commitment to systematic environmental and sustainability work. Mother Earth says thanks!

At the reception, where you both check in, check out from your stay and find the entrance to the spa & relaxation department, you will find our reception shop, which has the same opening hours as the reception.
Here we sell, among other things, lovely products from Sothys

Our SPA department can be booked for anyone over 16 years of age.
At specific times and days we open up for children under 16 years of age, for current days and times contact our booking.

Yes, you can book spa treatments even if you are not a hotel guest. Contact us to make a reservation and get more information about prices.

To maximize your relaxation, arrive on time for your booked treatment and avoid heavy meals or alcohol beforehand.

Yes, we offer spa packages and special offers for groups. Contact us for information on available offers and prices.