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Customized conference

Welcome to customize your own conference at Bokenäset. We are beautifully situated in the Bohuslän nature and with the sea as a backdrop for the sunsets.

Here you can tailor a conference that suits your business best, and with our tailor-made package we cover all the necessary things such as meals and premises. We prepare our conference facility in the way that is best for you, so that during the conference days you can focus wholeheartedly on things that are important.

Take a much-needed break in our sea sauna and take the opportunity to take a dip in the salty sea to return to the conference with a sharper mind. In our Västertorp restaurant, we offer beautiful views and taste sensations that gossip about fresh sea breezes and enchanting forests.

Everything is adapted to the unique west coast environment and with a tailor-made conference at Bokenäset you get a memorable overall experience that you and your company, association or society will be able to use for positive development, both on an individual level but above all as a group.

Clean, neat and safe

We take your health very seriously and are careful to prevent the spread of any kind of infection during your stay. In addition to the fact that you can have the entire facility to yourself, regardless of the size of the party, we are secluded so that you can isolate yourself and thus not be disturbed by external factors.

Of course, we disinfect public areas and toilets and we choose to serve at the table instead of a buffet. Our premises are spacious and there is no reason for crowding. For overnight stays, we have individual apartments where you can sleep peacefully and undisturbed and wake up with a breathtaking view out onto a seascape that gives peace of mind.

At Bokenäset, there is always the opportunity to retreat for those of you who feel bad or just need a moment to yourself. We know that busy conferences and activities may need to be followed up with personal time and we prioritize the individual as well as the group. Here there is always the opportunity to get a place in solitude for self-reflection after many impressions and intensive meetings.

We realize your visions

Here are all the prerequisites for success at the conference. Tailor it according to your wishes together with us and we will make sure to make your ideas a reality in order to get as much as possible from the days at Bokenäset.

Our staff receive inquiries and bookings of tailor-made conference packages with an open mind and we welcome you just as you are, here there is room for differences and for everyone to make their voice heard.

See things in a new light and relax in a secluded place with amazing nature to bring creativity to life. Relax body and soul to think clearly and listen to each other to create closer relationships and greater understanding within the group.

A warm welcome to Bokenäset!