Spa & Relax

Our spa and relax offers everything you need for a soothing break or energy refill all by yourself.

Spa & relax

100 years of bodily indulgence and spiritual replenishment, an oasis that takes you closer to your true self.

For generations, the Swedish archipelago has been a place for recuperation and inspiration. The waves’ meditative calm, the west coast’s salty air, and Bohusläns rich nature obviously have a relaxing effect on our senses.

A long sit in the sauna is best followed by a cold bath to fill your body with new energy. Then, wrap yourself in a warm robe and have a seat in the relax lounge. The sensation is almost sacred. Your muscles relax and your spirit breathes. Here is a big sauna with panoramic view, cozy indoor pool, two jacuzzi's on the terrace, floating sea sauna, gym and lounge with a fireplace. Relaxation has always had a special place here at Bokenäset.