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Salt baths

Bathing jetty, jumping tower, small charming Bohuslän beaches and warm rocks. There are many opportunities to get sea salt in your hair and on this adventure you are the captain.

Towel, swimwear, sunscreen, cooling drink and coffee are basically all you need for hours and days of sun and swimming. In the marina you will find a jumping tower where we advise those of you who like a little more action-packed launches of your own, and the bathing jetty for those of you who want to try a safe card. Then there are also meadows, small hidden beaches and endless cliffs to enjoy the best days of the year.

Ice cream

Eating the ice cream before it melts in the sunshine is a great sport in every way. Ice cream sales take place during the warm period of the year i Miss Ester's Pantry out on the terrace. Good.

Forgot swimwear?

Nemas! We have swimwear in the form of swimming trunks and bathing suits for sale in our reception shop. The models are completely classic, the color is all black and the sizes S, M, L and XL. Stop by the reception if you need to buy a new outfit for the cliff, the sea sauna or the sun lounger.