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Kayak & canoe

Kayak and canoe in Koljöfjorden.

Bohuslän is one of the world's finest coastlines to explore from the kayak. At least that is the opinion of American CNN, which calls the west coast a paradise for kayaking. From the Gothenburg archipelago in the south to the Koster Islands in the north, Bohuslän offers great paddling experiences with untouched national parks, cozy boathouses, wild waters and mirror-like canals. Bokenäset is right in the heart of the glories and you have every opportunity in the world to become one with nature.

The month of July often offers fantastic weather, but there are also the most people and boats in the archipelago then. A tip is to instead paddle out at the end of August when you have the archipelago to yourself. September is a great month for paddling. May and June, when "the archipelago comes to life" are also recommended.

Under 2024 samarbetar vi med BlåGrönt Liv och bokningar av kajak och kanot går via dessa. Boka här >>

Kanoter/Kanadensare bokas in via För bokning och mer information Klicka här >> or, +46 (0) 705 – 56 88 45 or +46 (0) 704- 67 12 16
Week 26 – 32, daily at 09:00 – 16:00. There are both single and double kayaks
Kajaker – Från 39o kr per bokningsbart pass
Kanot – 3 timmar 590 kr, dag 750 kr, dygn 960kr

No prior knowledge is needed

Kayaking and canoeing suit both curious beginners and experienced paddlers. The bay you enter is shallow so you have plenty of room to test without having to be in deep water.

If you are very new to the phenomenon, let us know at the time of booking and we can give you extra instructions on how to do it. Life vests are on site, so the only thing you need to think about is non-sore and comfortable clothes and an open mind so you can take in all the impressions from Bohuslän's Koljöfjorden.

Paddle around Orust and the fjords

Further south in the fjord landscape around Orust there are other wonderful paddling experiences. Here you can slowly and quietly slide around in protected waters, in one of Evert Taube's absolute favorite areas. Handelsman Flink, Maj på Malö and Malö streams are songs with a direct connection to these fine and protected waters.

If you instead choose to paddle on the outside, west of Orust, a visit to Gullholmen is highly recommended before continuing south in the island-rich archipelago past Hälleviksstrand towards Mollösund. If the weather is nice, a trip out to Käringön is a "must".

Paddle around Lysekil and Skaftö

The coastline to the south has an exciting character with lots of canals and smaller islands. The Lysekil archipelago offers Sweden's wildest waters. Don't miss Brandskär, which is the perfect excursion destination, or the mighty vertical wall at Bläckhall. If you want to try a longer trip, you can paddle south to Gåsön in Grundsund's fine archipelago. Here are bare Bohuslän rocks that have been shaped by time and the sea for thousands of years.