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A form of training that suits both beginners and professionals. Yoga is not about reaching your toes, yoga is what you learn on the way there.

Depending on the season and your group size, yoga can always be varied in different ways. When the weather and outdoor temperature permit, it is usually nice to do yoga outside on the grass or on the pier. If you are a group or conference that wants a relaxing activity, we will be happy to help you book this through our external contractors. We adapt the class to your wishes and no prior knowledge is needed.

A break activity with colleagues

Yoga is a very good activity to take a break with colleagues at the conference if you want something that doesn't include competing.

After sitting down for a long time, as you might do at a conference or kick-off, both body and bud feel good to stretch out a bit. Contact us via the form below and one of our conference advisors will help you get the best conference!

Gather your friends and recharge your batteries together

As a group of friends, there is a lot of fun you can do together in a group, and not least going on an excursion one day and doing yoga together.

Combining the yoga excursion with a hotel breakfast, lunch, dinner or perhaps an overnight stay and spa is rarely a success. Contact us in the form below if you want to know more about what nice things we can package for you and your friends.

Open yoga classes

In addition to the possibility of having your own yoga class schedule, there are also open yoga classes where you can come on your own.

On scheduled days and times and based on demand, we organize beginner-level yoga sessions where you can book in and pay per session. You can subscribe to information, and read more about these classes here.

You can also book online here, alternatively book via 0522-60 44 00 or