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A digital tip walk out in nature.

Walkabout is an app with digital guided walks that can be compared to a mix between Quizkampen and geocaching that you can go all year round.

Look around. Go for a walk. Compete against yourself or friends, family or colleagues. Anyone who can walk can participate and the questions are an exciting mix where you get to rub your brains, test your memory, train logical thinking and at the same time find out more about the ancient history of the place here on Bokenäset. Each "walk" has between 20-40 questions and is GPS-located, so you follow a map to various locations around the destination to access question-by-question.

Download the app

To take part in the digital tip walks, you need to have the "Walkabout" app downloaded on your phone or tablet. The app is free and you can find it where apps are.

Search for "Walkabout" in the search bar and then download it to your device. Then go to the app and click on "select facility", followed by "Bokenäset". Then you will come to the various guided walks and loops you can go here on Bokenäset.