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Drink tasting

Tempt your taste buds. A fun activity to do together with friends and colleagues.

We adapt the drink tasting to your needs and collaborate with several different actors who together offer several different varieties of tastings. Below you see different options for good drinks to taste together with experts.

Beer tasting with local Uddevalla Brewery

A small-scale microbrewery in true craft spirit!
Taste locally brewed beers together with founder and beer enthusiast Robert Larsson, who runs the local microbrewery Uddevalla Brewery. All raw materials are carefully selected, with Robert himself feeling, smelling and checking the malt and hops before each brewing. The malt is weighed and crushed manually, as close to the day of brewing as possible and here all bottles are bottled, capped and labeled by hand. "Craftsmanship takes time, but craftsmanship must take time," says Robert - hence the brewery's limited volume and exclusive tasty range.

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