Mackerel fishing in Koljöfjorden

Season: May - September 

Group size: 4 persons per boat, 8 persons in total

Duration: 2 hours - full day

Out and about

An activity that couldn’t be more Bohuslän

To fish for mackerel by handline is one of those typical Bohuslän activities that everyone does during summer. Young or old, beginner or pro, there are few things that are as relaxing and exciting at once.

They say that mackerel thrives here in Koljöfjorden, so with some patience you can get a lot of fish. Because off course there is no such thing as luck when it comes to fishing. As age-old wisdom says, it’s all about talent, skill and planning.

Rent a boat

Mackerel fishing is normally reserved for those who have their own motor boat. This is something we want to change. You are very welcome to rent one of our boats! 

Our rental boats are simple to handle, easy to maneuver and available on your terms. You can make a reservation here, send an e-mail to or call +46 (0)522-604400. You can rent fishing gear in the reception if you don’t bring your own.  

About mackerel

Mackerel is a fish of great significance to Bohuslän. Like a miniature tuna it’s really a racer. Once it bites, it takes off! Fact is, mackerel is the no. 1 summer fish here on the west coast. And as dear children do, it goes by many names, blueberry being one.

Sun, vacation and mackerel. Many associates this true torpedo with gorgeous summer days. Regardless of how you fish for it, it’s beautiful to look at, a feast on the dinner table and a feisty sport fish. If you ever see a fisherman laughing, it’s when the mackerel starts zipping back and forth after the strike. It’s also rich in Omega-3.

Contact us 

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