Island hopping to Käringön

Season: June 27 - august 8
Group size: 1 - as many boat tickets there are left 

Out and about

Island hopping is the perfect way to experience the Bohuslän archipelago.

Spend the day among islets and skerries.

The Swedish west coast is a magnet for anyone who likes cruising, swimming, kayak paddling, biking, fishing or just hanging out eating ice cream.

Day cruise to Käringön

Join us on the rolling Bohuslän seas via Malöströmmar to charming Käringön (Hag island) with its magnificent view of the open horizon.

The cruises to Käringön is arranged by Skärgårdsbåtarna and MS Byfjorden that takes you there departs Thursdays 10.15 from the steamboat pier and returns 16.00. Cruises are available from June 27 to August 8. 

Tickets can be bought on the boat or at Uddevalla Tourist Center. Read more about the day cruises here. Any other questions? Contact Uddevalla Tourist Center at or call +46 (0)522-698480. 


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